Removing Backing Board

(Use caution as glass edges are sharp)

Flexible points:
 Use a butter knife if having trouble prying them up.
Screw tabs: Simply loosen the screw slightly (DO NOT remove it). Pivot the tab to the side. When finished, pivot the tab back and tighten the screw.

Installing the Hanging Hardware

Our frames include sawtooth hangers. They are self tapping and easily hammer into the wood, no pre-drilling necessary. The frames are marked with small pilot holes on the back for easy installation. 

Painting your Frame

If painting your Pine or Aspen frame, it's advised to prime the wood to ensure the paint is absorbed evenly. 

Chalk paints usually do not require the wood to be primed. Acrylic paint also works very well. Both types of paint come in a array of colors so have fun and be creative!

Sealing your Frame

If you plan on leaving the frame in its natural state, it's best to seal it. Though it is completely optional. If you choose not to use a sealer, please note that the Pine frames may darken over time. Test your sealer on the back of the frame first as some sealers can change the color of the wood.

You can seal your frames with spray or brush-on varieties. You may also use a clear wax to finish it as well. Minwax Paste Finishing Wax, Americana Décor and Annie Sloan are a few we recommend. 

Staining your Frame

If you plan on staining your frame, Pine is the best option. Aspen is NOT recommended for staining.